We apply breakthrough discoveries in chemistry to improve the human condition

Re-defining what is possible

As a society, we are met with a number of challenges: the need for powerful and safe medicines to combat disease; clean, reliable energy; and new materials that are cheaper and perform better, or enable new effects to be achieved.

Fuzionaire was formed to address the grand challenges of the modern world at a molecular level.

We leverage Earth-abundant, alkali metal catalysts and reagents to create never-before-possible opportunities in medicine, energy, and materials.

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Our discoveries

The company’s technology is founded on a series of discoveries at Caltech in the lab of Nobel Laureate Robert Grubbs, along with scientists at UCLA and other leading institutions.

Limitless opportunity

The way in which we make and break bonds is uniquely powerful. Our ionic alkali metal platform (IAM platform), based on newly discovered abilities of alkali salts as catalysts and reagents, unlocks a world of limitless applications across seemingly unrelated industries.

Drugs and pills
New medicines and diagnostic tracers
Gas pump
Clean fuels and improve energy efficiency
Power the future of materials science

Learn more about applications of Fuzionaire’s core chemistry.

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Our collaborators

We are proud to work with world-class institutions unlocking the power of molecular science. Together, we are building a better future by expanding the possibilities of chemistry and its applications.