Never-before-possible opportunities across industries


Unlocking new possibilities in diagnostics and therapeutics with silicon.


Our opportunity in theranostics comes from our library of heteroaromatic silicon-fluoride acceptors, or HetSiFAs®, which readily convert disease-targeting ligands into an array of theranostic candidates with different physicochemical and labeling properties.

Originally directed to make diagnostic radiopharmaceutical candidates for PET scans, our HetSiFA library has become a powerful theranostics platform that can make radioligand therapies for cancer that use leading alpha- and beta-emitting radionuclides.

Theranostics is a term that describes a “see it, treat it” approach that uses one radioactive drug to reveal tumor locations and a second radioactive drug to deliver therapy that kills cancer cells.

Our platform, which can create multiple new radioligand therapy candidates and their PET imaging pairs in a few weeks, as compared to 12-18 months using other methods, also comes with manufacturing advantages that enable the more widespread use of these important new precision treatments.

More information about this technology can be found at the website of our portfolio company Fuzionaire Theranostics.

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Our ionic alkali metal platform enables new classes of silicon-containing therapeutics that have the potential to solve key problems in medicinal chemistry.


Developing the cleanest fuels with greater energy efficiency.

Fuel Purification

Sulfur impurities that are naturally occurring in petroleum and bio-based liquid fuels can be lowered from 10,000 ppm to under 2 ppm by processing the stream through our alkali salt-based system. Our system has also been successfully applied to processing sulfur-rich coal.

Emissions Reduction

Our ionic alkali metal platform has emissions reduction applications beyond just desulfurization.

Emissions reduction is a domain in which precious metal catalysts are extensively used today. Approximately 40% and 70% of global demand for platinum and palladium, respectively, is for catalytic converters.

Our ultra-cheap, Earth-abundant catalysts could also change the economics of solar fuels, which have been held back by expensive materials like platinum catalysts.


Applying our technology’s powerful ability to produce new silicon-containing materials.

Value-added chemicals

Fuzionaire’s molecular science can be applied to create a wide variety of materials. We are exploring new possibilities in the automotive, aerospace, coatings, and electronics industries.